At Cogniza, we have one focus to increase our clients’ profitability through the strategic use of Business Intelligence (BI).

Today, enterprises seek proven, cost-effective solutions to their business-management issues. Cogniza has the processes and technologies to make this a reality.

Our goal is to provide mid- to large-sized companies with a better, more cost-effective way to operate their business through the successful implementation of our unique solutions.

The Cogniza Advantage

Our competitive edge, “The Cogniza Advantage”, can be summarized by four critical elements: Expertise, Focus, Methodology and Quality.


Cogniza’s expertise unmatched in the industry. Cogniza has a broad knowledge of our clients’ industries and the OLTP systems that support them. In addition, we are committed to certified partnerships with BI tool vendors. The results are industry-specific solutions, tailored to each client, delivered in an efficient manner.


Cogniza concentrates all of its efforts on one solution and one solution only: Business Intelligence processes and technologies. As a result, our clients receive the optimum solution to their strategic business problem.


We continually modify our process to ensure its efficiency and effectiveness. The resulting increased accuracy and reduced cycle times, reduces our clients’ expenditures and risks.


Cogniza takes the extra step to ensure our clients’ satisfaction. We not only deliver our solutions in a timely manner, we guarantee that the job will be done to the complete satisfaction of our client.


Since 1996, Cogniza has assisted our clients to decrease costs, increase revenue, increase productivity and accurately measure performance, through the strategic use of BI processes and tools.


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