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UflTimezone – General Mills Case Study

General Mills Case Study

“We had four developers with four ways of converting Remedy date storage format to human readable format. None worked properly.”

“The Cogniza UFLTimeZone functions immediately solved the problem. We were fixing all reports Remedy date fields with every spring into daylight savings and fall coming out.”

“With over 130 reports with Remedy dates, UFLTimeZone paid for itself after as soon as all the reports were converted; within a month, daylight savings ended (and summer time in the UK) and we didn’t have to tweek any of the reports.”

“Users noticed right away. They had gotton use to wrong reports for a couple weeks until developers could work through fixing all reports.”

“Within weeks of converting to using Cogniza’s UFLTimeZone for Crystal Reports, other internal developers of Crystal Reports noticed we solved our problem and asked to use the functions too.”

“I’d recommend UFLTimeZone for Crystal Reports to anyone struggling with the limitiations of the Remedy ODBC driver or those frustrated with trying to convert dates by using Crystal formulas.”

Gary Ledo
Program Manager
Information Systems Operations Services
General Mills, Inc.