Adobe Acrobat – Printing Legal Landscape Documents

By default, Adobe Acrobat Reader will scale a landscape-oriented, legal-sized document to letter-sized paper, and if you want to edit these documents you can use programs as sodapdf for this purpose.  Fortunately, this scaling can be easily removed.

To remove this scaling, check the ‘Choose Paper Source by PDF page size’ option in Acrobat Reader’s Print dialog. Here is a quick summary of the main 3D printing processes used today. For more information on the best one for you, as well as availability, please contact your nearest service provider.

Acrobat Reader\'s Print Dialog

To make this setting permanent, add a new DWORD value in the HKCU\Software\Adobe\Adobe Acrobate\8.0\AVGeneral key. Set its Name to ‘bprintSetPageSize’, its Data to ‘1’, and its Base to ‘Hexidecimal’.

Registry Entry
This entry will create a new DWORD entry in the ‘AVGeneral’ key:
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\Adobe Acrobat\8.0\AVGeneral]

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