Crystal Reports: Array_PushEx() Function

Add a unique string value to an array of string values. Uses the delimiter to convert the value into an array.

Function (Stringvar Array Items, Stringvar Values, Stringvar Delimiter)
    Stringvar Array Temp:=Split(Values,Delimiter);
    Numbervar i;
    For i := 1 To Ubound(Temp) Do (
        If Array_Contains (Items, Temp[i]) = False Then (
            Redim Preserve Items[Ubound(Items)+1];

2 thoughts on “Crystal Reports: Array_PushEx() Function

  1. skiabox

    I entered the following sql expression field to calculate a grand total for each account but I get the sum of all arrangements for all accounts.Any idea how to link the sql expression with the specific account?

    SELECT SUM(“bedaposo”)
    FROM “ErmisUser”.”QBEPROK” JOIN “ErmisUser”.”bereg” ON “ErmisUser”.”QBEPROK”.”bedalog” = “ErmisUser”.”bereg”.”berelog”
    WHERE “ErmisUser”.”QBEPROK”.”bedaflarr” = ‘1’
    AND LEFT((“ErmisUser”.”QBEPROK”.”bedakind”), 1) ‘P’

    See what I mean here :

  2. Craig Buchanan

    You need to link the account’s key in the SQL expression to a value in the report.

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