Monthly Archives: November 2005

Crystal Reports: Named-Date-Range Parameters

Often it’s useful to be able to use date ranges that are relative to the date the report was run, like ‘Month to Date’, when running a report. While Crystal Reports’ parameters do not possess this level of flexibility, it is fairly simple to approximate this capability. This approach uses two parameters and Crystal Reports’ date ranges to do so.

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Crystal Reports: Optional-Multi-Select Parameters

Most report designers are familiar with the parameter’s ‘Allow Multiple Values’ option. When enabled, this option allows a report’s user to select one or more values for a parameter at runtime. The individual running the report could select one or more countries, for example. Should the individual want to select all countries, he or she would need to add each country individually when the prompt is presented. If there are a lot of countries, this could be a time-consuming task. Fortunately, there is a better way.

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Considerations For Reporting Against Remedy ARS Based Applications

Applications built with the Remedy® Action Request System™ (ARS) client/server workflow engine are wonderful online transaction processing (OLTP) environments. When it comes to getting meaningful information back out of ARS environments, the users and application designers get a bit befuddled on what is available to them; what’s right for their organization.

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